$585,044 in Grants given for Community Health Care

The amazing grants for life-enhancing equipment given by WCA Foundation in 2019 seem miraculous.  The reality is they are the product of donors, who for more than three decades, have given contributions to the Foundation to build an endowment to support patient care in our community.  The miraculous and wonderful part of the equation is their original gifts are still invested and only the income produced is given away each year.

A variety of equipment has been provided including an infant security system protects our youngest patients and gives peace of mind to their loved ones and the hospital’s staff.  Here is a sampling of the equipment purchased with the $585,044 of grants:

  • Panda Warmers and Resuscitation Tables purchased are used after a baby is born at UPMC Chautauqua and to offer life support in crisis situations for specialized-care transport.
  • Twelve new adjustable bassinets for newborns were purchased for the opening of the new nursery in the Maternity Department.
  • A new point-of-service portable ultrasound machine will greatly enhance the capabilities to diagnose critical medical and trauma cases, greatly improving time frames for intervention.
  • Vein Finders provide certainty for staff when serving their patients.
  • New Cryostat equipment helps the UPMC Chautauqua laboratory staff and physicians examine finer specimens of tissue for maximum quality diagnosis.
  • Manikins and equipment used in daily care of patients will fill a simulation laboratory where ongoing training will take place for hospital staff.

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