And the winner is …

Mary Beth Widrig is doing her happy dance these days after being informed that she will be planning her PIECES OF EIGHT dinner in 2016.  Her early holiday surprise caught her in complete disbelief.  Winning such events is not the norm for her, but her lucky number was the charm this time.

The mother of two daughters both born on May 13, four years apart, Mary Beth used the number 13 as her hopeful vehicle to good luck.  Her ticket had that number on it and made her a winner this time.

“It’s just so unbelievable,” she said of her winning.  “I’m going to have a lot of fun planning the dinner.”

The board of directors of WCA Foundation thank all who bought tickets for the 2015 Pieces of Eight raffle.  Purchases were made by individuals from Florida all the way north to New York City and west to Ohio.  Of course  everyone was interested in winning the $1,000 valued event with dinner from Chef Todd Singleton and wine pairings from Sam Whitmore at Bag & String Wine Merchants. Who wouldn’t be, but supporting the raffle was even more about supporting WCA Hospital, the real winner.  Thanks to all for your donations and support.

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