Foundation Benefits Children with #GiveBigCHQ

WCA Foundation has targeted special services to children for the #GiveBigCHQ giving day.  June 13, 2019 all of Chautauqua County will have opportunity to celebrate and support their favorite charitable organizations with the support of the two Community Foundations in the county.

Funds raised by WCA Foundation will purchase specialized educational and recreational needs of the Adolescent Mental Health unit and the last necessary Panda Resuscitation Table for the Maternity Unit.  The table is equipped to be a standalone life support unit for an infant at birth.

“We start with the infant in the operating room then they are transported to the nursery. The specialized table has everything you need,” said Donna Barber, Maternity Unit Manager at UPMC Chautauqua. “It is used for every birth because it has a nice work area for many hands to do the work needed.

“The table helps the workers because it weighs and warms the baby and has oxygen. With all deliveries there is always a risk of the baby needing resuscitation at the time of delivery. The Panda Resuscitation Table provides all the equipment to resuscitate the baby right there, right then,” Barber said. “It is also used to maintain the baby while waiting for higher level of care transport if necessary.”

The goal of purchasing equipment for the newly constructed Maternity and Behavioral Health units is part of a $20,000 giving campaign by WCA Foundation.

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