Jamestown Mattress Company Starts Fund at WCA Foundation

Daily service to the community  one mattress at a time.  That’s the tradition of the Jamestown Mattress Company that has grown from a local company to one with a national market.  For the Pullan family, which operates the manufacturing company that started in 1886, supporting its local community is also a tradition.

“We make a point to give back whenever we can,” said James Pullan, Jr. “We can’t thank the community at large enough that has supported our business. Starting a fund at WCA Foundation for the support of our local hospital is one way we can say thank you to everyone.

“As a foundation board member, I see firsthand what good contributions to the foundation can do at the hospital. The Jamestown Mattress Pullan Family Fund will help purchase equipment for the hospital to bring services here that would be outside the realm of the normal hospital budget,” Pullan said.

Creating a fund to meet the greatest needs of the hospital is a gift to the customers and community Jamestown Mattress was founded to serve.

“I can’t think of a better way to support the Chautauqua region and Jamestown Mattress’ customers than to create an endowed fund,” said Brigetta Overcash, executive director of WCA Foundation. “Their grants will continue to support the expansive health services delivered every day of the year at UPMC Chautauqua – forever. At the foundation all gifts are held permanently and the allowable income from the accumulation of those gifts is given in grants to the hospital.

“The nice thing is anyone can make a contribution to this new fund or any of the other 42 funds at the foundation. Gifts for general support like this fund gives make a tremendous impact on what the foundation can do for the hospital. $463,339 in grants have been given in 2019 specifically for cutting edge technology at our hospital,” Overcash shared.
Family, community and philanthropy go hand in hand at Jamestown Mattress Company.
“I’m very lucky” said Pullan.”I come to work every day and spend time with Dad, my brothers, son, wife and sister-in-law too. We are very fortunate we all get along and have done so over the past 30 some years.

“My parents, Jim and Louise Pullan, bought the Blystone Mattress Company in 1982 giving it the name The Jamestown Mattress Company. Today, with my brothers Bruce and Steve, we server customers here and across the county with factory direct prices. We sell organic, deluxe, domestic and commercial bedding. Our mattresses are in homes, dorm rooms and hotels,” he said. “We run the whole gamut.

“Our name is behind the product. That assures our customers we take quality and workmanship very seriously as well as customer service,” continued Pullan. “That customer service is also why we try all that we can to give back. It is an honor to serve the people of this area though our business and by starting this fund to support the hospital.”

To learn more about supporting the healthcare of this community through WCA Foundation like the Pullan family, contact WCA Foundation at P.O. Box 840, Jamestown, NY 14702-0840, Brigetta Overcash at 716-664-5461 or Overcashbe@upmc.edu or Megan Barone, director of development, at 716-664-8424 or Baroneme3@upmc.edu. Learn more about WCA Foundation and donate to this fund at www.wcafoundationjamestown.org/donate/make-a-gift-today/

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