Kid’s HeART raises awareness for Hannah’s Fund

Students from area schools created artwork of a wide variety to benefit Hannah’s Fund.  It is the ultimate feel good story to see middle school children, their teachers and parents fill the hospital’s auditorium to bid on their work and the creations of others.  The purpose of their participation is to help other young people, like themselves, who need the services of the hospital’s behavioral health services.  In the mind of one of the instructors who attended, it is also to teach students they can use all their talents to help others in their community throughout their lifetimes.

Hannah’s Fun’d supports the Adolescent Mental Health Unit’s Sensory Room at UPMC Chautauqua.  Grants from the fund have helped purchased a computer, an I-pad, wireless headphones and a television to be used in the Sensory Room.  Staff supervised use of these items are part of the reward aspect of the patients’ mental health recovery plans.

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