New Funds Shape the Future

Research has proven the value of therapeutic effect of Service Animals.  When an anonymous out-of-town donor heard about UPMC Chautauqua’s trained service dog program, it took little time for them to create the Paws for Love Fund for their hometown hospital.

Any patient, visitor or staff person at the hospital who has been greeted by Artimus – “Artie” – can confirm his healing factor.  Stories about the hope and reassurance Artie offers through his work visiting patients in the hospital and the Residential Treatment of the hospital are heart warming.  The donor hopes those who have experienced Artie’s “Touch of Love” will join in supporting Artie and the Certified Service Animal Program through the Paws for Love Fund.

Dedication to ones work and employer was the inspiration for Linda Johnson to begin the Daniel A. Johnson Scholarship Fund in honor of her husband.  Combined, the couple worked for WCA Hospital and UPMC Chautauqua for a total of 82 years.  It was their retirement dream to create a fund to support those with whom they worked who are pursuing higher education.  The couple hopes their passion for the excellence of the hospital and its service to its patients will inspire others to join them in building this educational assistance fund.

The beginning of Covid-19 protocols at UPMC Chautauqua presented the Fales Family of Falconer with a difficult situation,  Emergency care was needed but the family could not all be together to communicate with the staff and support each other in the hospital.  From that frustrating circumstance, they began raising funds for the Family Care Calls Fund to assist others in similar situations,   Now the hospital has  iPads that can be used for family and staff visits with family outside the hospital.  Community support has helped make this a reality and can keep the opportunities growing long after a pandemic.

No family wants to face the loss of their infant, but the Franklin-Maget family has chosen to help others as they face similar situations.  Joey’s Journey Fund has been started to help create remembrance boxes for families who have lost a child due to early pregnancy loss, stillbirth or during infancy.  Other actions are planned through the fund to comfort families during their loss and make sure their babies are never forgotten.  Donations to this fund can help make that a reality.

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