New Look

New Look for Donation Days

The “Giving Season” is upon us.  It’s the time when we celebrate what scares us, give thanks for our bounty and extend our generosity of heart and pocket to those we care about and love.

How scary would it be to you to not have a hospital that can serve your needs – birth to death?  When you give thanks for your bounty, do you think of the institutions that assure your care and comfort?  Are you willing and ready to support that organization that protects and heals you through the generosity of your heart and pocket?

Tough questions like this help us remember what we take for granted.  WCA Foundation’s goal is to grow an endowment so large that it will forever be able to support the needs of UPMC Chautauqua WCA to serve you.  As we reach out to you for your help with an annual gift for the Donation Days, you’ll notice a change – a new look.  No long letter, just a simple question asked and answered.  It is a very important message and one to be trusted.  Watch for it in your mail.

Visit our Website:  for more information about how we can connect in this “Giving Season.”  You may also contact WCA Foundation’s Executive Director Brigetta Overcash, 7167.664.5461, or Director of Development Megan Barone, 716.664.8423, Megan.D’

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