WCA Foundation Still Independent

Change brings many things to a community or organization.  In the case of the total affiliation of WCA Hospital and UPMC many have voiced questions about how the change affects their support of WCA.  Can they have the certainty that their donations will stay local and benefit the hospital this community is blessed to have?  The simple answer and good news is YES!  WCA Foundation will continue to remain a supporting, but independent, fund raising organization that will support the dynamic life-saving work of our local hospital.  The only difference is the nearly half million dollars in grants given each year from WCA Foundation will go to the same hospital that’s had a name change –  UPMC Chautauqua at WCA.

In the agreements signed between WCA Foundation and UPMC the same support will be given to help the hospital and its employees deliver the best health care possible to its patients.  The grants dollars will continue to be given in the same manner the donors have directed the foundation to expend the dividends from their restricted funds.  Grants from the unrestricted funds will continue to help purchase equipment that will enhance the health care delivery of WCA’s dedicated employees every day of the year.

The wheels of progress move at varying rates, no matter what the project. When it comes to affiliating two hospital systems that cross state lines, the expectation is progress will equal the daunting task of receiving all the approvals necessary.  While the State of New York and the hospital administrations continue to finalize the process, WCA Foundation has developed the same well defined relationship with UPMC as it has with WCA Hospital.  It will remain a supporting foundation for UPMC Chautauqua at WCA.  The relationship will operate the same as it has for the last 34 years.

Your next question might be, “Well, what happens if UPMC Chautauqua at WCA closes some day?”  Where will the assets of WCA Foundation go then?

While there is no anticipation of that happening, the assets – your donations – will continue to service the Jamestown area.  The funds from WCA Foundation will forever remain for the health care of this community but independent of the hospital served.  That very reason is why everyone in this community needs to help build the assets of WCA Foundation.  The larger the foundation becomes, the more assistance it can give to strengthen the service options at our local hospital.  Independent or affiliated, WCA will continue to be the back-bone of your health care services.

It is the hope of the foundation’s board of directors that the community will join them in celebrating what this means for our region and hospital.  WCA Foundation will remain independent and continue to manage its own assets as a separate entity.  It will also remain a supportive organization to the award winning hospital best known as WCA.  With your help we can continue the growth pattern of WCA Foundation’s endowment through an even wider support base – tax-exempt gifts of all sizes make a difference.  The board of directors of WCA Foundation looks forward to serving residents of this region and to the even brighter future for our hometown hospital.

Contact Brigetta Overcash, Executive Director of WCA Foundation, 716.664-5461, with any questions you might have regarding the foundation, making a donation or starting a fund.  WCA Foundation, 300 Foote Avenue, P.O. Box 840, Jamestown, NY 14702-0840.

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