Your opportunity to partner with WCA Foundation comes in many forms.  You can donate, volunteer or support the foundation’s fundraising events.  Explore your opportunity to support WCA Foundation by contacting Brigetta Overcash, Executive Director of WCA Foundation, at 716.664.5461 or overcashbe@upmc.edu.


Opportunities abound for supporters of WCA Foundation and UPMC Chautauqua to make donations that are used for endowment building or as pass-through gifts for the most immediate needs of the hospital.  Gifts of cash, checks and equities can be made to the Foundation in any amount which is tax exempt to the fullest measure of the law.  Memorial and honorary gifts will be appropriately receipted and announced to the individual or family involved. You can also become a member of the 1885 Society with a planned giving gift.  A practice for generations, such gifts from wills and annuities are what helped create WCA Foundation.  With your declaration of such planning you become a member of the 1885 Society.

Simplest is the opportunity to give tax-exempt gifts that will help the existing endowments increase.  This allows for even larger grants to be given annually to support the healthcare initiative of UPMC Chautauqua while your initial donation remains invested – forever. The opportunity to champion a healthcare issue dear to you heart awaits you in a few different opportunities.  You may make donations to support the cause of an existing restricted fund such a cancer or palliative care, helping to provide comfort for patients facing the stresses of dialysis or mental health disorders or the care and comfort of infants and children.

Perhaps you are interested in something that we don’t already support at the hospital or want to let the hospital staff identify uses for your gift as best needed.  Our foundation’s grants committee and board of directors will guide the direction of such unrestricted grants.  They are especially useful in meeting the larger requests for specialty needs because the sum of many donors’ endowed gifts create the most impact.
The final type of financial assistance comes in the form of gifts for immediate use by the hospital.  They are called Pass-Through funds.  The donor entrusts the gift to WCA Foundation identifying its intended use.  When the specific need arises for the funds, they are transferred to UPMC Chautauqua.


WCA Foundation uses volunteers on many levels.  The board of directors is the volunteer leadership of the foundation who direct the operations of the organization.  Members of committees volunteer their expertise to oversee operations and finances as well as fundraising and development.

Activity oriented volunteers assist mainly with fundraising activities.  Many support golf tournaments which raise large annual donations to funds held at the foundation.  Others, like the Angels Among Us group, hold craft fairs, raffles and benefit parties to contribute money to their specific fund at WCA Foundation.

Do you want to support and partner with the staff and other volunteers with your own project?  Contact us so we can discuss the unlimited possibilities.

WCA Foundation, P.O. Box 840, Jamestown, NY 14702-0840; 716.664.5461;  overcashbe@upmc.edu

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