Types of Funds

There are basically two kinds of funds held at WCA Foundation – endowed funds and non-endowed or pass-through funds.  Endowed funds are held in perpetuity – forever.   The original gifts are prudently invested and 5.25% of the trailing twenty quarter average market value of each long-term fund’s portfolio at year end is annually used for grants to UPMC Chautauqua and operations of the WCA Foundation.  Non-Endowed or Pass-Through funds are given by donors to be used for more immediate needs – either general or specific – of UPMC Chautauqua.  They are fully expended for the use designated and not held for generational growth.

Endowed funds are further divided in purpose by their donors.   They can be Restricted or Unrestricted – Undesignated – endowment funds as prescribed by the donor’s directions.

Individuals or families who want to create a fund for a very specific type of service delivery of UPMC Chautauqua, such as pediatrics or cancer treatment, often choose what are called Restricted funds.  Grants from these funds enhance the operations in these specific target areas.

Pass-Through Gift to UPMC Chautauqua

Endowment Funds

Unrestricted in purpose for the general needs of the hospital

  • Dennis P. Bush Memorial Fund:

    Undesignated – grants for general needs of UPMC Chautauqua are given with the advice of the Bush family

  • Verland & Doris Danielson Fund

  • Clifford S. Davis Fund

  • Hoag Family Fund

  • Starr Fund

  • Elizabeth Garratt Taylor Fund

  • Undesignated Endowment Fund –

    Grants given for major general needs of UPMC Chautauqua such as the building of a new Emergency Room or purchase of Robotic surgical equipment

Restricted in Purpose by Donor

  • A Fresh Start Fund for Chemical Dependency

  • Anne Sischo’s Shades of Pink Fund:

    Mammograms and breast navigator certifications

  • Allen J. and Barbara B. Yahn Family Fund:


  • Betty Sheldon Starflight Fund:

    Supports equipment needs of Medivac Helicopter Services

  • C. Donald and Marilyn L. Haglund and Family Fund: 


  • Carol B. Bogdan Memorial Cancer Treatment Fund

  • Carol D. Evans Memorial Fund: 

    Palliative Patient Care

  • Daniels Family Fund: 

    Supports the Mammography Department of UPMC Chautauqua

  • Dr. Harold M. and Joyce S. Childress Fund:

    Scholarships, Cancer Treatment and UPMC Chautauqua’s Medical Library

  • Doctors Laha Family Fund:

    Supports Medical Equipment carried by the Medivac Helicopter Services

  • Dale C. and Rebecca I. Robbins Fund:

    Supports Obstetrics and Maternity departments

  • Dr. Glen M. Ebersole Memorial Fund:

    General Medicine

  • Eaglesome Family Fund:

    Autoimmune Diseases

  • Elizabeth Warner Marvin Trust:

    Capital needs

  • Florence G. Cass Fund: 

    WCA Foundation Operations

  • Framed in Pink – Bowling Over Breast Cancer Fund

  • Grateful Patient Fund: 

    Medical and Surgical Needs of UPMC Chautauqua

  • Gritters Family Healthy Life Fund: 

    For the wellness of employees of UPMC Chautauqua

  • G.A. Family Services at Lutheran Fund: 

    Adolescent Mental Health

  • Hannah’s Fun’d: 

    Adolescent Mental Health Comfort Room

  • Jamestown Mattress Pullan Family Fund: 

    General Grants for the needs of UPMC Chautauqua

  • Joey’s Journey Fund

  • Judy Pollino Memorial Fund:

    Ovarian Cancer

  • Karen Ross Crossley Memorial Scholarship Fund:

    Nursing Scholarship for UPMC Chautauqua Employees

  • Kellie Anne Murphy Memorial Fund: 

    Inpatient Mental Health

  • LaVerne M. Meyers Memorial Fund:

    Emergency Department

  • LINKS Charity Cancer Care Fund

  • Margaret Hitchcock Trust:

    Speech & Hearing

  • Marie Barone Memorial Fund:

    Women’s Cancer Care

  • Mary Lou Messina Nursing Scholarship Fund

  • Murray S. Marsh Scholarship Fund:

    UPMC Chautauqua Schools of Radiology and Medical Technology Outstanding Student Awards

  • Patricia and James Phillips Family Fund:

    Newborn Unit at UPMC Chautauqua

  • Rapaport Fund:

    Breast Cancer Patients and Equipment

  • Robert G. Gingell, M.D., Memorial Fund:

    Pediatric Cardiology Patient Care

  • R.Q. Anderson and Sondra Anderson Fund:

    General Grants

  • Vincent A. Messina Memorial Scholarship Fund:

    UPMC Chautauqua School of Radiology

  • Vivian Wettingfield Nursing Education Fund:

    Scholarship for UPMC Chautauqua employee

  • UPMC Chautauqua Cancer Treatment Center Patient Assistance Fund

All scholarship awards given by WCA Foundation are for employees of UPMC Chautauqua or students enrolled in the medical or radiologic technology schools of UPMC Chautauqua.

Non-Endowed Funds

  • Grateful Patient Fund

  • Undesignated General Grant Fund

  • Cancer Treatment Fund

  • Surgery Fund

  • Emergency Department Fund

Non-Endowment Funds pass your gift through the Foundation to UPMC Chautauqua for immediate use, as needed.

Kristin Melville, Executive Director – 716.664.8665

WCA Foundation’s office is located: 51 Glasgow Avenue, Building F, P.O. Box 840, Jamestown, NY 14702-0840 | 716.664.8665